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Transmogrify was founded in 2006 to build awesome products. We like to hire extremely talented people who love what they do, and as such we’ve built an amazing team. Here’s how we can help you.

Designing Applications

Designing Applications

Transmogrify starts every project at the whiteboard. We like to approach the design of products with an understanding of client needs and user goals, and work to deliver the best experience possible.

Our design process always starts with sketching. From there we build a set of wireframes based on the sketches, turn the wireframes into a working prototype, and finally we design high resolution mockups of the application. This process allows us to work with our clients by iterating on ideas and refining applications in the earliest stages of development, when changes are most easily made.

Developing Applications

Developing Applications

Transmogrify is a full-stack development shop. We have experience designing and building applications at every level, from data modeling to middleware to the latest frontend technologies. Our cross-functional expertise has enabled us to build dozens of web and mobile applications for our clients and ourselves.

We pride ourselves on being technology agnostic; developing each project using the most appropriate tools. That being said, in our years of working with clients on a wide variety of projects, we have a well refined “technology stack” which we love.

Managing Applications

Application Management

If you already have a product and just need some help managing it, give us a call. Whether you’re looking to grow your userbase, maintain quality, redesign your product, or add features, we can help.

Transmogrify has worked with clients to manage products in various stages of development, from large companies looking to add new features to already successful products to redesigning products from the ground up. Whatever your needs, we’d love to talk to you.

Featured Projects and Clients

We’ve done work for some amazing clients. Here are a few.

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